We’ve dubbed 2016 as the year for getting together at NCMM. Now, we get together all the time through our newsletter, Hangout with a Hero, etc. But, we’re not talking about digital gathering. We’re talking about going old school, face-to-face seeing each other and sharing what is going on in our ministries. NCMM Board Member, Glen Dry is facilitating these meetings. But here’s the thing, they won’t happen without two things…hosts and people to attend. Here’s how Glen described it.

Host a NCMM regional! you supply the place, time, and maybe some cheese dip ????????. Members from your region are invited to meet and share. Give Glen the info (glenadry@gmail.com) and we will get word to members and out on social media for those interested to attend!

So, if you are interested in hosting one of these regional events, simply contact Glen Dry at glendry@gmail.com and tell him your interested in having this in your “neck of the woods.” Glen will help you get up and running.