Ministry Mission
Our mission is expressed simply with three words: “Together, Building Men.” We are uniting leaders to amplify their influence.  NCMM provides visibility, connection, and growth opportunities for ministry leaders to become more influential in discipling men.

Ministry Motivation
Arguably the Church of Christ is losing its appeal to the American male.  As an institution, it is increasingly viewed as non-relevant and out-of-touch in responding to the concerns and needs of men.  Consider the erosion of professions of faith by generation as reported by the Billy Graham Association:

Builder generation – 65% professed faith in Christ

Boomers – 35% professed faith in Christ

Gen X – 15% professed faith in Christ

Of the kids alive today, a projected 4% will profess their faith in Christ

According to the Heritage Foundation Family Facts, studies have shown attendance in church among men is constantly decreasing.  The results of these facts are never good, and result in decay in family structure that sets the next generation in the wrong direction, poorer job performance, deterioration of individual health, and as a final result, the community suffers because of these trends.  And the recent trend toward “simple church” and androgynous ministries makes church-going even less appealing to a masculine soul.

In January of 1996 NCMM was founded (as the National Coalition of Men’s Ministries) to encourage the ministries that were emerging in response to this precipitous decline.

Ministry Vision
Discipleship is at the core of the Great Commission and our vision is that the Body of Christ be fully equipped to mobilize men as disciples in Christ. To “mobilize” means to assemble and put in a state of readiness for immediate active service in time of war. Our members are committed to calling forth men (assembling) and equipping them (state of readiness) for service.  NCMM simply provides the platform for the members’ networking to take place for the discipleship process.

Ministry Strategy
Our strategy to achieve this vision is built upon four core activities:

  • Visibility:  We will raise awareness on behalf of the members to the need to disciple and mobilize men and to develop the resources within the Body of Christ to meet that need.
  • Networking / Connection:  We will foster points of connection between members for leadership development, training, fellowship and networking.
  • Resources:  We will facilitate faster access to member resources and sponsor development of needed resources beyond the scope of any one member.
  • Ministry Development / Incubation:  We will serve as an incubation conduit to develop emerging ministries.

Ministry Members

We are a coalition of ministering organizations and individuals together committed to building men. Our members include:

  • Individuals (author, speakers, counselors, and the like)
  • Para-church /Servant ministries
  • Churches and denominations
  • Media, technology and other for-profit firms

Today, over two hundred members of the NCMM are led by a volunteer executive board and part-time paid executive director, associate director, and communications director. All other ministry activities are carried out through the volunteered efforts of our members.

We possess a strong base of capabilities upon which to achieve this vision.  Some of our positive attributes are:

  • We have a strong member network of alliances and allegiances from which we can mobilize a work force.
  • We possess a strong brand name that sanctions a national platform from which we can speak with one voice on issues related to ministry to men.
  • Major national ministries are members of NCMM.  We have good access to and support from key influencers in American Christendom.
  • NCMM has forged relationships with the faith-based film industry to become a significant influence among the faith leadership.
  • In 2013 NCMM and American Bible Society (ABS) formed a national partnership that created The Men’s Bible.  Over 70 devotions were written by NCMM contributing members. The Bible is thought to be the first of its kind ever created.  ABS reports The Men’s Bible is the #1 best-seller worldwide for specialty Bibles.
  • We have synergistic leadership, an energetic executive director and staff, plus a strong executive board to steer the coalition.
  • While denominations are reducing and combining departments, denominations over-all have a strong presence in NCMM. 
  • The fastest growing segment of NCMM membership is the individual churches. This has stemmed from the denominations combining and reducing departments from within.