Some Facts About Membership in NCMM

Membership in the National Coalition of Ministries to Men, at all levels, shall be open to any Christian parachurch/servant ministry or denominational ministry that seeks to minister to the issues and/or needs of men.

The first step toward membership is completion of the Application for Membership. Submission of the completed application implies agreement with the NCMM Relationship Agreement, as defined with the current application. The Relationship Agreement delineates the mission, vision statement, key strategy, and values of the NCMM.

Upon returning your application to the NCMM office, you will be contacted by our Executive Director and someone from the Membership Team to further acquaint you with NCMM and answer any questions you may have. Your application will be presented at the next monthly meeting of the NCMM Board of Directors for approval. Once approved, your payment will be processed and you will receive a certificate of membership by mail.

Membership is open-ended in duration provided that membership fees are paid current, is voluntary, and may be withdrawn at any time via written request. Membership in the NCMM does not imply blanket endorsement of either the NCMM by the member, or vice versa. Membership does confirm mutual acceptance of the Relationship Agreement.

Definitions and Benefits of Membership

A membership in the NCMM offers opportunities and alliances which may prove vital to building your ministry’s success. But more than that, you have an opportunity to help other leaders shape the direction of the men’s discipleship movement. NCMM is the sum of its members – we are involved to serve one another so that each of us is more effective than we could be alone.

One of the greatest benefits of membership is that you become part of a national movement to join in brotherhood, unity and mission in order to increase the overall effectiveness of reaching and discipling men in America. We want to help the local church present every man in America with a credible offer of the gospel, encourage them to pursue God, and equip them for spiritual service in the home, workplace, community and world. We want to help you fulfill your call and reach your vision. We want to equip you, and offer you tools that will make your ministry successful. If you would like to respond to this call to band together, to build brotherhood and unity, call or write today!

Member Dues (Annual):

Members shall determine their own dues based on the following guidelines.


Level Description Fee
1 Individuals: Speakers, authors, counselors and others providing their ministry as an individual $75

Parachurch/Servant Ministries

Level Description Fee
1 Sole-proprietorships or part-time ministries: Organizations comprised of a single person, volunteers or part-time staff $75
2 Small ministries: Organizations serving churches and men with revenues less than $250,000/year $150
3 Medium ministries: Organizations serving churches and men with revenues less than $1M/year $300
4 Large ministries: Organizations serving churches and men with revenues in excess of $1M/year $500


Level Description Fee
1 Small churches: Average congregation attendance less than 500 $75
2 Medium churches: Average congregation attendance less than 1500 $150
3 Large churches: Average congregation attendance less than 3000 $300
4 Very large churches: Average congregation attendance greater than 3000 $500

Denominations/Church Networks

Level Description Fee
2 Small denominations/networks: Denominational/church networking organizations with fewer than 500 churches/members $150
3 Medium denominations/networks: Denominational organizations with fewer than 2500 churches/members $300
4 Large denominations/networks: Denominational organizations with greater than 2500 churches/members $500


Media & Other For-Profit Firms

Level Description Fee
2 Small firms: For profit entities with annual gross revenues under $10M $150
3 Medium firms: For profit entities with annual gross revenues under $100M $300
4 Large firms: For profit entities with annual gross revenues over $100M $500


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