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KOZ was founded around the need of fatherless boys to have men role model to them life as a Godly man and to learn about the outdoors.

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In March of 2014, Vince Miller founded Resolute out of his passion for the discipleship and leadership development of men. This passion was born out of his own personal need for growth. Vince would say that he turned everywhere to find a man who would mentor, disciple, and develop him and over the course of his spiritual life and that he often received two answers from well-meaning Christian leaders – “Either they did not know what to do in a mentoring relationship, or they simply did not have the time to do it.” Vince learned that he was not alone, and that many Christian men were seeking this type of mentorship relationship with another man. Out of this he felt compelled to build an organization that would focus on one thing, ensuring that men who want to be discipled have the opportunity, and that they can have real tools to disciple other men.

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We join hands with Covenant Eyes, a Faith-based Internet Accountability and Filtering Software company

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